Dorothy Parvaz, special projects editor and reporter for Al Jazeera International, exemplifies disciplinary and cultural transduction. Students from Transduction, those with interest in Middle East, Policy and Media Studies and journalism themes all enjoyed separate engaging discussions with Dorothy during her visit.  Faculty from Politics, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures, History, Chemistry, Architecture, German, Media Studies, American Studies and more met with Dorothy for conversation.

The OpenTable event featuring Dorothy, with Bill Quandt from Politics and Elizabeth Thompson from History. Graduate students from Politics and Religious Studies and undergrads, including first years from various fields and schools, both the College and Engineering, were present, and contributed. Even a prospective student was there! The discussion got heated at one point with disagreement surrounding reasons for low voter turnout and engagement in the democratic process in the US versus other countries like Afghanistan. We enjoyed the lively debate, as well as the friendly jokes and handshake afterwards.  Thanks Dorothy for sharing your story, and challenging us to be better informed about what’s going on in the world. Thank you Lisa Goff for your important contributions as cohost for Dorothy’s visit.