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For our last class on April 29, we met at the Rotunda to strut and power pose, practicing what we learned from Sophie Trawalter about being at home in spaces, and from the TED Talk by Harvard Business Professor Amy Cuddy “Your body language shapes who you are”.  After that, we went to OpenGrounds for Radical Listening, a wrap up discussion and an over abundance of snacks.  Thank you everyone–students, speakers, faculty and other participants–for a great semester full of many insights and memorable experiences. All the best to the many Transduction graduates and handful of students who will be back next year.

Radical Listening Instructions

From Ram Eisenberg:  We THINK BETTER when someone is listening to us. That’s the basic assumption of radical listening. We are interactional by essence, and Language is an interaction. Putting difficult things into words, happens better with a listener. Just ask them to try it. The key is not to talk about what you know, but to really look for a difficult part, something you DONT KNOW exactly yet, and then talk about it. I also suggest reading Hinreich Von Kleist’s: On the Gradual Production of Thoughts Whilst Speaking. It sets the tone and the basic ideas. 

Discussion Topic:  Consider your vision for the future.  Are there things that struck you this semester—interesting, surprising, useful, that give you ideas, insight—that you can take with you as you realize your vision/work for the future?

Eisenberg OpenGroundsAt OpenGrounds, Ram Eisenberg spoke about consideration, being cared for, and the power of unfinished spaces in environmental design. His current work and practice are strongly influenced by Eugene GendlinThe University of Chicago philosopher and psychotherapist known for thinking on the edge and focusing methods, and a bodily felt sense. A video of this discussion may be found on YouTube.