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About > The Transduction team is hosting a community discussion on the effects of devices on thinking, learning and community entitled “Our Gadgets, Ourselves: Virtues, Vices and These New Devices.” This Charlottesville community event is part of Humanities Week at UVA. All are welcome. Parents and teachers may choose to invite student delegates to participate.

Date/Time > Tuesday April 8, 2014, 7 pm.

Place > The Bridge, 209 Monticello Road, Directions.

Format > Brief presentations by panelists, followed by open community discussion with all who are present.

Panelists/Speakers > Angeline Lillard, UVA Psychology (early development; Montessori education.)  James A. Coan, UVA Psychology (clinical psychology and affective neuroscience). Amanda French, George Mason University, History and Art History, and Center for History and New Media (digital humanities; poetics of Twitter). 

Moderator > Michael Levenson, UVA English, Director, Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures.

Sponsors > Transduction Project TeamInstitute of the Humanities and Global CulturesOpenGroundsThe Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative

Register > here to receive a reminder, join the community network (optional; not necessary for participation).

Before > the event on April 8, please submit device related topics, questions and concerns in the comments section below. This will be helpful in planning our community discussion.

After > the event on April 8, please submit afterthoughts and ideas for next steps in the comments section below.

Resources >  are posted here.  This is just a start and may be updated over time.  Please share other good resources in the comments section of the Resources page.

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