Here we present ideas for additional Transduction topics, speakers and resources for further exploration. Please click on the titles below for more fascinating information.

Artificial Intelligent Agents: Using History to Make Smart Eco-Friendly Buildings by Clarisse Abalos

Elon Musk:  Merging the Technical and Interpersonal for a Sustainable Tomorrow by Joseph Woodlief

Food and Community by Meaghan Taylor

Hardware Hacking: Using Old Electronics to Make Music by Maxwell Tfirn

History of Slavery at the University of Virginia by Laura Reynolds

Jared Diamond: Reflection of the Past and Lessons from “Other” Societies by Jessica Rojsuontikul

Modern Gastronomy, Homaro Cantu, Moto Restaurant by Andrew Jones

Neurological Basis for Architectural Design by William Park

Plant Thinking: A Philosophy of Vegetal Life and Minimal Cognition in Plants  by Gwendolyn McGinn

Reading a City: How Histories of Maps Tell Us the Socioeconomic, Architectural, Cultural, and Racial Stories of a City in its Present by Madison Jaehee Lee

Rotunda Imagination: The Hopeful Return to Jefferson’s Laboratory by McCutcheon Morecock

Telemedicine: A Tool to Close Socioeconomic Gaps and Meet the Demands of Patients through Online Communication and Portable Devices by SunHye Park

The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation by Nicholas Lee

The Search for Agritopia:  A Lifestyle Journey to Enhance Human Wellness and Reestablish Connectedness to the Environment by Janet Rafner