Jessica crop1Jessica is a fourth year in the College and is a double major in socio-cultural Anthropology and Spanish. She studied abroad in Valencia, Spain during the fall of 2012 and is very interested in Spanish culture, especially the importance and role of food in society. Jessica enjoys cooking in her free time. In addition, she volunteers with Bridging the Gap as a co-mentor to a child whose parent is a refugee, and assists in teaching Spanish at the International School of Charlottesville. This year, she began interning at the International Rescue Committee, a globally recognized organization dedicated to assisting refugees with the resettlement process in the United States. As the intern for Interpreter Services, she serves as the liaison for customers and interpreters to provide interpretation services for refugees throughout the Charlottesville area.

Her academic interests involve learning about diverse people and cultures and discovering the values, norms, and social processes that exist. Many of these processes such as “the gift” are present in all societies. She is interested in exploring the different signals, media, and human interfaces that are involved in her own academic study but that in addition, will connect her work with Transduction and science. The social impact of humans is directly related to themes of transduction and she hopes to learn about all the various ways transduction applies to humans from biological processes to social transduction. She is interested in connecting her areas of expertise with transduction themes by looking into the relationship between different materials and humans, how this relationship plays out in different contexts, and in effect, what the social consequences are of these interconnected relationships.

Mauss and the gift. Social exchange and reciprocity.

Mauss and the gift. Social exchange and reciprocity. Signals: Obligation to give and reciprocate the “gift”, transfer of part of one person into the gift each time it passes, desire to continue the cycle of reciprocation. Media: People and the gift itself. Human interfaces: Development of social relationships > building alliances, friendships, enemies.

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